Immersive Reality & Intelligent Systems Lab

Welcome to Immersive Reality & Intelligent Systems Lab. (IRIS LAB) at Chung-Ang University!

Our mission is to develop the state-of-the-art machine learning/deep learning-based intelligent systems to create the future of immersive reality (e.g., 3D/AR/VR/XR/Metaverse), i.e., Convergence of Generative AI & Reality. For more information, please visit our research & publications pages (or refer to lab poster).

We are looking for self-motivated prospective undergraduate/graduate students and postdoc. If you are interested in joining CAU IRIS Lab, please email me and e-mail Prof. Hak Gu Kim with your transcript & CV.

If you want to pre-study and prepare for graduate study in IRIS Lab, please visit the preparation page.